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ஜாகிர் நாயக் குறித்து விசாரனை நடத்திய அதிகாரி, இஸ்லாத்தை ஏற்றதாக தகவல்..!

டாக்டர் ஜாகிர் நாயக் குறித்து விசாரனை நடத்திவந்த புலனாய்வுத்துறை அதிகாரி இஸ்லாத்தை ஏற்றுக் கொண்டதாக தகவல்..!

Hyderabad, July 12 (TN): If rumours are to be believed or inside reports to be believed then it is not shocking that sleuths, who investigated Zakir Naik’s clips of speeches believed to have converted to Islam internally.

It was though very thoughtful investigation of Zakir Naik that the sleuths went on almost all the clips and were astonished to know that Zakir Naik actually did not propagate terror but peace. The peace TV ban in Bangladesh recently was shocking after all to know.

It was asserted that rumours and inside reports may be sometimes true. However, we do not take any responsibility of the after effect of this report, which was sent to us at Taazi News.

Bear with it and understand it comfortably as those clips were very genuine on which investigation was done and ultimately the sleuths got converted to Islam it was believed.

It is not an assumption but a careful thought on Zakir Naik, who is supposed to be more knowledgeable and talented individual, who knows multiple religion on vast grounds and Islam in particular. Zakir Naik when called upon said that he was not aware of this fact or what happened to the sleuths, who listened his speeches, it was also reported.

Actually there seemed to be a mass gathering whenever his speeches delivered and up till date the gathering and the people listened to his speeches peacefully.

What is important is the media should be transparent and truthful in recognizing particular individuals. However, it is very understandable that the knowledgeable and of highest of memory and presence of mind Doctor Zakir Naik never ever did harm anybody.

Even the Muslims in different beliefs like Shia’s Sunni’s or Ahle Hadees and Mehdi’s listen to him and get spellbound about his capabilities.

It was though troubled Zakir Naik but again is found currently that he is innocent. However, whatever happens can happen we should always believe and leave the judgement done by the Almighty alone. So, it says, Zakir Naik investigating sleuths converted to Islam?.

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