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அமெரிக்க தொலைக்காட்சியில் ஹிஜாப் அணிந்துள்ள செய்தி வாசிப்பாளர்.!

அமெரிக்க தொலைக் காட்சியில் ஹிஜாப் அணிந்துள்ள செய்தி வாசிப்பாளர்

As a Libyan-American growing up in southern Maryland, Noor Tagouri says that she often felt “ashamed” to be a Muslim outsider in her local community. Though Tagouri struggled with her identity as a child, today the 21-year-old journalist fully embraces her religion and culture, proudly wearing her hijab and aiming to become the first hijabi anchor on commercial television in America.


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