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டென்மார்க் பள்ளிகளில் தொழுகைக்கும் ஹிஜாபுக்கும் தடை.!

இஸ்லாத்தைக் கண்டு அஞ்சி நடுங்கும் உலகம்...

டென்மார்க் பள்ளிகளில் தொழுகைக்கும் ஹிஜாபுக்கும் தடை..!


In a school located at Copenhagen, Denmark ban has been imposed on Muslim students for offering “Salaath” during lunch interval. The girl students have also been prohibited from wearing “Hijab”. This is not the first time that such a ban has been imposed. Earlier, the Muslim students of another school were banned from offering “Salaath”.

The Principal of the school, Anger Margaret Jenson told that the Muslim students spread cloths in the corridors and start offering “Salaath” during lunch break which disturbs other students. It is therefore a ban has been imposed for offering “Salaath”.

The students are agitating against the step taken by the management of the school. A Muslim girl student posted on her facebook that the Principal of her school has banned offering “Salaath”. 

She said that if the management wants to have equality, then the Muslim students should get the right to offer “Salaath”. 

She also said that the Muslim students are preparing a petition against the management of the school on which the signatures of all the Muslim students would be obtained.


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