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குவைத்தில்'மெர்சிடஸ் பென்ஸ்' காரை ஆசிரியைக்கு பரிசளித்த 5 வயது மாணவி.!

மெர்சிடஸ் பென்ஸ் காரை ஆசிரியை'க்கு பரிசளித்த 5 வயது மாணவி..!

Kuwait City 07-06-2016

Five year old Noor Al Faris successfully ‘graduated’ from kindergarten recently and therefore to express her gratitude towards her favourite teacher, she decided to present her a brand new luxury Mercedes.

Little Noor was pictured sitting on the bonnet of the car with the text ‘This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia’ written in Arabic.

“Noor said she gave Nadia the car because she wanted to express her gratitude towards her teacher after she graduated from her local nursery,” according to Daily Mail UK.

Well, gratitude towards teacher was actually expressed by little girl’s father–and not Noor herself for the reason that Miss Nadia helped his child recover from losing her mother.


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